The retreat which Emily arranged in India in 2011 was the highlight of my life.

A particular highlight of the tour was the practising of yoga and meditation every single day. When not in the ashrams, Emily was magically able to find available spaces where we could practise our yoga – whether on rooftops or in gardens or spare studios in the guesthouses where we stayed. One such studio looked out through large french windows onto a ghat on the Ganges. When we closed our eyes for meditation we could hear the river gushing loudly and zestfully by. The sound and sight of the scene filled us with chi – practising yoga was never more wonderful than on that day!

Because of her unique capacity to communicate with local people, it seemed that our group received very special hospitality and friendship wherever we went. I think that local people understood and respected the sincerity of Emily’s mission to awaken her students to the spiritual wonders and ancient wisdom of India. I can certainly recommend a yoga retreat with Emily and would go anywhere with her – even to the moon!