I thought I would share this extract from The Teachings of Hatha and Raja Yoga by Acharya Upendra Roy. The book has been an important link to the lineage and tradition of my teacher Acharya, which many of his students now continue to teach, including myself.

What is yoga?

Yoga means union of unit soul with cosmic soul.

Yoga is balance of mind, harmony and peace.

Yoga is skilful living among activities.

Yoga is moral discipline, self-purification.

Yoga is self-mastery – self revelation.

Yoga is the highest way of life for natural living and spiritual progess

Yoga is the key to perfect health, balance mind and realised – soul.

Yoga is not a dogma, a faith or a religion. Yoga is a practical philosophy of life which can be applied in everyday life or in every walk of life. It does not bind you to superstitious belief, blind faith or religious rites and rituals. It reveals truth from within you and leads you to the final goal of life – “the realisation of self”. Your true master is within you and you discover yourself through the practice of “Yoga”. You walk on your own path and gather experiences in life as it unfolds to you. Be free, fearless and bold, open your own eyes to the truth. Do not be charmed by the promises of self-styled gods or gurus who promise you ‘instant enlightenment’ or ‘liberation’. Be not confined within the limits of anything that binds you to rules, rituals and formulae. Stand on your own feet, march forward with enough courage in heart and indomitable strength in mind.

Aum Shanti, shanti, shanti


In this text above Acharya is distancing himself from Ananda Marga. He uses “Path of Bliss”, the English translation of Ananda Marga, but he emphasizes independent thought and individual choice.  

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